B Fund Overview

One of the most important decisions you must make in the next few months is what to do with your B Fund assets that will be distributed to you. You, and not AMR, are now responsible for making sure that you have sufficient assets and income to last through your retirement years.

The Plan Sponsor (AMR) has provided you with three options: (1) rollover into a qualified IRA; (2) rollover into the Plan Sponsor's existing qualified plan (SuperSaver) or (3) receive a taxable lump sum distribution. Retirement Advisors of America has analyzed the options for hundreds of AA pilots and believe that with proper planning, you can still have as secure a retirement as previously planned.

Based on our analysis, it is imperative that you roll your B Fund money into a qualified IRA. One that provides significantly more investment options than the investment options provided by SuperSaver. An IRA provides greater flexibility and diversification. SuperSaver offers 30 fund choices, whereas you have over 8,000 investment options with an IRA managed by Retirement Advisors of America.

Retirement Advisors of America is here to help you. Pilots have trusted us with their retirement for over thirty years. We were there for the pilots that experienced the bankruptcies of Delta, Continental, United and others during the past 25 years. We can help you develop a plan for a secure retirement. We can also help you make the best decision for your B Fund distribution and assist you in providing the secure and comfortable retirement you were expecting. Over 1,700 pilots have placed their trust in Retirement Advisors.

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