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Many families and individuals find that their financial decisions become more complicated over time. Retirement Advisors of America has worked successfully with thousands of clients to help address these decisions.

We design financial plans that reflect your specific financial situation and objectives. Financial planning is never a one-dimensional process. It entails coordinating numerous factors that touch upon your investments, future income requirements, estate plan, tax situation and other key considerations.

Our Relationship Managers have the experience, expertise, and resources to help you and your family create and implement a thoughtful and disciplined financial plan.

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  • A strong financial plan provides you with an objective view of your overall financial picture and provides you with the guidance you need to enjoy a stress free retirement.

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  • Retirement Advisors of America harnesses extensive investment management expertise to create investment strategies designed to meet your lifetime growth and income needs.

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  • There is a very common misconception that only elderly or wealthy people need to have an estate plan in place.

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  • We have spent many years developing our Survivor Assistance Program to guide you through the financial decisions, paperwork, and estate settlement that follows a death.

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  • It is essential that all aspects of your financial plan take advantage of current legislation.

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Know Your Airline's Benefits

The years leading up to retirement can be turbulent... we can help.

Alaska Airlines Pilots who retire have a combination of sources for retirement income.

Your A Fund benefit amount is based on years of service and final average salary as of 11/1/12.

The DPSP Plan is a qualified contribution plan in which Delta makes contributions based upon a percentage of your compensation.

Your Southwest Retirement Program has evolved into a very beneficial package.

United and Continental Airlines reached a key agreement to begin operating as one unified airline.

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Our retirement knowledge, investment principles and financial planning expertise applies to everyone. We have hundreds of clients not affiliated with the airlines. As many as an average mid-sized firm. Learn more about how we can help you and your family achieve your retirement goals.

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American Airlines pilots approve new contract, with nearly two thirds in favor

American Airlines pilots have approved a new five-year contract that gives them 23 percent pay raises this year and 3 percent pay raises on Jan. 1 for the next five years.

The Allied Pilots Association said 65.68 percent voted in favor of the deal, with 34.32 percent against. Of those eligible, 94 percent cast votes. Only the Miami pilot base had a majority voting against the deal.

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Seniority hearings for American Airlines pilots to begin June 29

The large piece of unfinished business for American Airlines and US Airways pilots is the integration of their respective seniority lists into a single list under the Allied PIlots Association.

We guess there’s actually three seniority lists to be integrated because the pilots that made up the new US Airways in 2005 – old US Airways and America West Airlines – never integrated their seniority lists prior to the December 2013 merger of American and US Airways.

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